Christ of the Ozark

Today, Lulu and I toured the Christ of the Ozark — a monumental sculpture of Jesus located near Garfield and Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It’s atop Magnetic Mountain.

The statue stands 67 feet tall, and has a 65 foot arm span the foundation of the statue required 340 tons of concrete interlace with steel virtually welded into the rack of magnetic mountain. The statue is made of 24 layers of white mortar on a steel frame. It was necessary to build an elevator up the side of the framework, which was completely surrounded by scaffolding during construction. The face is approximately 15 feet height. Total weight is over 2 million pounds. Dedicated in 1966. 50th anniversary celebration was on October 29, 2016.

Project originated and initiated by Gerald L. K. Smith. Built by Elna M. Smith Foundation. Coordinator: Charles F.Robertson; Sculptor: Emmett Sullivan, Associate Sculptor: Adrian Forrette; Engineer: McKinley Weems; Chief mortar artists: A. C. McBride, completed in 1966.