Rings Santa Fe

OMG It’s 2016

Paeté Campanology

Met these capaneros in Paeté in Laguna. A bell-ringer or campanero is a person who rings, tolls or peals a large bell, usually a church bell, by tugging…

Monte-Carlo et de Nice

On the last week of April 2014, Ben, Chit, Malou, Brandi and Buknoy enjoyed the Monte Carlo and Nice visits. Nice will always be the most memorable (don’t…

Kung Fu Weapon Form

On one of the demonstrations held by the Seven Stars martial Arts School, Kyle performed this weapon Kung Fu form.

Opening Gifts with Aso

It’s Christmas! 2013 12:00 AM. So, time to open gifts with Aso, Jeremy, Missi, Kyle, Karla and Malou.

Charlie Brown Christmas Dance

With lots of waiting time before opening the Christmas gifts, Aso, Jeremy, Missi, Kyle, Karla, Malou and Brandi decided to have a bit of a dance. Merry Christmas…

Dashing through Parker Square

Decided to visit Parker Square during the holidays (2013) just for fun with Karla, Kyle, Jeremy, Missi and Malou.

White Ape Bows to the North Star

Kyle will be competing in a couple of weeks. Asked him to show what he’ll be doing for the form part of the competition.

Just the bow

Kyle’s learning a new Kung Fu form and asked him to present it. He said he’ll demo the bowing part of a form … What?

Deep Ellum Art Festival 2013

Here are some of the scenes captured during our rounds at Deep Ellum Art Festival 2013.

Reinventing Jude

Soul, funk, indie and pop band “Reinventing Jude” is fronted by Jude Gonzalez, an extraordinary and prolific songwriter and together with the talented ensemble performs unforgettable live music…

D.E.A.F. Music

A compilation of the good and entertaining musical acts and more that we came across Deep Ellum Art Festival.

1 month in 9 minutes

After a month of snapping four thousand plus digital shots, here are some of the images presented in nine minutes.

Paoay Sand Dunes

Pardon the shakes but it’s really shaky-shaky during our ride over Paoay Sand Dunes of Ilocos Norte. Yey! it’s a great experience. It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Thrill at Pagsanjan

It’s our first time to visit Pagsanjan Falls. We used a mall travel agent to book the tour but everything went well. Reaching the falls by itself is…

Airplane <3 u P5

It’s one of those days where you just don’t have anything to do or want to do. Then you come across a great app – Video Star and…

Dalampasigan ng Puka

Our luck prevailed, we also enjoyed a very nice stay at Dalampasigan ng Puka or Puka Beach, Boracay even though there are storm clouds over the horizon.

Dalampasigang Puting Buhangin

We’re lucky when we visited Dalampasigang Puting Buhangin or White Beach, Boracay, Philippines. It’s sand and water were clean, weather were warm but mild plus it’s not too…

Sixteen Hands

Seven Star Martial Arts School, Kung Fu Sixteen Hands form. A Nokia N900 video recording.

Space Collective

Came across a neat site today (2010-06-13) called spacecollective.org — claimed that it’s a site “where forward thinking terrestrials exchange ideas and information about the state of species,…

Don’t leave me this way … Scott

During Disney Wonder Cruise to Castaway Cay we had some far out fun getting down on the disco floor with dear friend Great Scott!