Came across a neat site today (2010-06-13) called — claimed that it’s a site “where forward thinking terrestrials exchange ideas and information about the state of species, their planet and the universe, living lives of science fiction today.”

Saw the URL from a design mag suggesting the site utilizes good layout structure — I agree, its clean and balanced. Nice contrast, good color palette and good visuals and great photos.

Checked their recent post page — good simple interface. Then the “gallery” page, concerned at first since there are tons of images downloading at once. But after images were downloaded, I really like the format. I can scroll-n-scan out more images quicker than other galleries.

Then I came across “The world without us Chernobyl” post presenting these interesting photos below … how did the second photo with the mossy baby shoes hits you?

Shots from Flickr users Mattbr, Marc Morte, Dazzababes, MaisonBisson, and MarkNelson. Below is a Youtube video on Chernobyl by Elena Filatova.

Unfortunately, the site changed templates and theme already. It’s okay but I like the previous.